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Monopoly.com: Will the WorldCom-MCI merger tangle the web
Monopoly.com: Will the WorldCom-MCI merger tangle the web
By: Jeff Keefe

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study, 36 pages, 8.5" x 11" (saddle-stitched), 1998
A key question in the proposed WorldCom-MCI merger is whether the combined company could dominate the Internet and thereby undermine its democratic, competitive culture. This study lays out a prima facie case that the merger would severely threaten competition in the Internet market. Estimates show that Internet connections through WorldCom or MCI account for 62% of Internet revenue, and over half of Internet service providers would have a backbone connection through the merged company. The companies dispute these market estimates, but they have yet to provide adequate information to regulators regarding their Internet revenues, market share, or role in providing Internet connectivity.

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