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State of Working America 1998/1999
State of Working America 1998/1999
By: Lawrence Mishel, Jared Bernstein, and John Schmitt

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book, 445 (approx.) pages, 6" x 9" (cloth), 1999
This edition of EPI's flagship book looks at the impact of seven years of economic recovery on the living standards of American workers. The news since 1996 is good: wages are up, income is up, and unemployment has fallen to historic lows. But the big picture is not so bright. After seven years family income is only now approaching the level it reached at the last business cycle peak in 1989, and the typical family is working six extra weeks a year just to keep even. This comprehensive study of the living standards of working Americans comprises eight chapters: income, taxes, wages, employment, wealth, poverty, and regional and international comparisons. With over 300 tables and charts, it is also an exhaustive reference work on wages, income, and other economic data.

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